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Buick History
Buick traces its beginnings to David Dunbar Buick, born in Arbroath, Scotland, in 1854, and brought to Detroit at age 2. David became a plumbing inventor/executive in the 1880s, then became fascinated with gasoline engines in the mid-1890s. He was soon building engines for farm use and boats and by 1899 or 1900 had opened Buick Auto-Vim and Power Co. Among the tiny company's stated specialties: automobile engines. The name was changed to Buick Manufacturing Co. and then to Buick Motor Co., with incorporation papers filed May 19, 1903, creating the firm's official birthday. More Buick Milestones.
David Dunbar Buick

The Buick Showroom
Take a tour of what is in stock at your local Buick dealer without leaving home. WeLoveBuicks.com has provided a brief description of each model along with a convenient link to a full page of model specific information. Take a Tour

A Look Ahead - Buick Concept Cars
They used to be called "Dream Cars". Now there just concept vehicles. We like the "Dream Cars" name better. Take a look at the future of Buick thru these prototypes. The 2004 Buick Velite concept or the 2001 Buick Bengal concept vehicle. Will they come into production or are they only a dream? We have also listed some of the past Buick "Dream Cars" such as the Wildcat and Centurion that never made it into production. Read More

Buick Racing
Starting with Louis Chevrolet in the beginning. Chevrolet has also been a part of motorsports. Chevy has been a leader in providing winning engines for the open wheeled Indy 500 cars to the full bodied stock cars of NASCAR and the sports cars of the ALMS. We will be highlighting some of the great Chevy race cars of the past and those that are still competing today. Read More.

Shop Buick Stuff
WeLoveBuicks.com has brought together in one website a variety of items for your shopping pleasure. We have available Buick Jackets & T-Shirts, Buick Hats & Caps, Buick Memorabilia, custom body parts, performance parts, Buick books & magazines, and much much more. There are many things to choose from for yourself or as great gift items for other. Please come back often as we are adding things frequently. Go Shopping!